Our Principles

Our cooking is based on the quality of raw materials and strict compliance with hygiene regulations during all stages of preparation. We use pure, authentic materials with an emphasis on fresh seasonal products. We highlight local recipes and use local products. Bread, olive oil and wine, the main characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine have a prominent place in our restaurant and we strive to maintain their high quality:

  • Our bread, a home-made sour-dough loaf, is served hot and is accompanied by two dips: olive paste and tιrokafteri (a feta based dip).
  • Our salads are served with traditional virgin olive oil.
  • Our menu includes Choice Greek wine labels at affordable prices and bulk red and white wine served in a carafe.
  • Our fries are fresh, greek, cut in rounds and fried in olive oil.

The dishes of “Alexandra” are inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine and we use pure materials of Greek origin. Our meats, purchased from a reliable quality supplier, are grilled. We serve grilled fresh open-sea fish such as red porgy, sole, white grouper and sea bream.