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Our principles...

Our cooking is based on the quality of the raw materials and the absolute observance of hygiene conditions throughout the food preparation process.
We use authentic pure ingredients with an emphasis on the fresh ingredients of each season.
We emphasize local Greek recipes and use local products.
The bread, oil, and wine that characterize the diet of Traditional Greek Cuisine have a special place in our restaurant and we try to distinguish them for their quality: Our bread is a handmade sourdough loaf, served warm and accompanied by two dips: olive and cheesy. The olive oil in our salads is traditional extra virgin.
Our catalog includes Fine Greek Vineyard Labels at affordable prices and homemade white and red by the jug. The fries are fresh, Greek and hand cut. "Alexandra" dishes are inspired by traditional Greek cuisine, using pure ingredients of Greek origin. Fresh meats and fish, from a reliable quality supplier, are grilled.


The Alexandra restaurant has been operating since 1991, every day except Mondays, from noon, in Panathinaia Park, in a small nook on Alexandras Avenue, where the bustling avenue transforms into a peaceful and green oasis.
In a bright, pleasant space with minimalist views, with a priority on quality, the high level of service and good value for money.
Having a modern culinary approach, we emphasize traditional recipes in search of authentic flavors from all over Greece. "Alexandra" has an air-conditioned hall and two green gardens.
We offer takeout and delivery to your home or office.

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